About Us

"Nourish a soul when it’s young and it will grow into something beautiful."


Neyla - Parents musulmans

Being a mom can be challenging. Between managing the household, holding down a 9 – 5, and taking care of the family, sometimes you need a little help.

We founded Neyla to help on-the-go Muslim mothers nurture their babies without sacrificing valuable time or nutritional value.

By filling every jar with delicious, organic, certified halal ingredients, our pureed baby food adheres to strict dietary and Islamic standards to ensure that your baby gets the best there is.

We are committed to crafting products that conform to the laws of our religion while also making something that transforms the lives of everyone involved.

We want mothers to have the time and freedom to bond with their children instead of worrying about what to feed them. We want babies to get the love and attention that helps them to become well adjusted adults.

We believe that the two most important things in a newborn’s first year are tender care from their parents and high-quality food that nourishes their bodies. Let us help you achieve both.

Our mission:

Our mission is to provide members of the Muslim community with high-quality food that nourishes them from their first days to their last.

Our vision:

Our vision is to promote the concept of socially conscious businesses by extending our influence across the world as the leading Halal baby food distributor.