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100% Halal & Organic

Halal Certification

We guarantee Halal transparency and traceability, offering Muslim parents the peace of mind they need. Our products can release them from the constraints of cooking, while respecting their traditions and beliefs.


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Organic Certification

Organic farming guarantees quality while respecting the environment and animal welfare. Our products are certified Organic according to European regulations. Organic farming is at the heart of sustainable development, it is our commitment for future generations.



We've passionately created a wide range of fruit, vegetable and meat based purees to encourage a rich exploration of textures and tastes for the baby. Our baby food is made using carefully chosen high quality ingredients, with absolutely no preservatives, additives or colorings. All our recipes are dairy free with no added sugar or salt.


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Meat Range



What is weaning ? When to start ? Is it really necessary if I’m breastfeeding ? Why is it important? What foods to avoid ? Can our baby eat like us ? And what about food allergens ?


Calcium, fat, iron, protein, carbohydrate, zinc, vitamins ... What does your baby really need ? Why are these elements fundamental to her or his good development ?